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Coyote Rig

December 10, 2018 - My Coyote Hunting Rig. Bushmaster Target HB 20 5.56 Trijicon ACOG TA01 Icotec predator call with remote decoy Caldwell bipod cants & swivels 13-25

July 18, 2018 - I have gotten over 18 deer with this Browning 308 and the Trijicon 3x9. It's always in the timber where the light is not the best and black crosshairs won't work. The colored Trijicon always gives me the edge and I go home with meat every time! I bought the scope back in the 90's. *Scope shown no longer available.

Eastern Cape Kudu

June 7, 2017 - A 51 inch Eastern Cape Kudu taken while hunting with Ingwe Safaris in South Africa June 2017 with a Browning 300 WSM using a Trijicon AccuPoint TR23G.5-20x50.


June 7, 2017 - Using a 5-20x50 AccuPoint

Cape Buffalo

January 1, 2017 - Dream come true! I had a Trijicon RMR mounted on my Krieghoff .470 nitro express. Gotta Love It!! Hunted with Leopard Moon Safaris August 2016

41.5 Sable

September 22, 2016 - 2016 Safari. Using a Blaser R93 .375 H&Hah. Topped with a Accupoint scope Tr93g. I refuse to hunt with any other scope, and I had some good ones. After my Cape Buffalo, this Sable was #2 on my bucket list. Time to make a new list.

Zebra Hunt 2016

September 21, 2016 - Ken Anderson Hunting South Africa 2016. I was able to hunt Zebra from helicopter.

The Brother Does It Again

May 26, 2016 - It was a perfect evening for bear hunting with only one problem. We had five hunters that wanted to go and sit stands but all we had were double seater stands. After some debating my brother agreed that he would go and sit a stand by himself and let my sister and I go and sit stands with my dad and our hunting buddy. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't sit with my brother. All alone in the stand and he still manages to keep calm and arrow a gorgeous and big Saskatchewan black bear. He tells the story short and sweet like this, "The bear was in at the bait for about twenty minutes. During that time, he never once gave me a lethal shot opportunity, so I knew that when he went to leave it would be now or never. As he stood up and turned to go, I put that Trijicon AccuPin just behind the shoulder halfway between the top of his back and bottom of his fur. Then with one smooth pull of the trigger on my release, that beautiful bear filled my tag, and the rest is history!" Thanks Trijicon for your amazing AccuPin archery sight. It allows my brother and I to leave our doubts behind and take our shot with confidence.

RMR on Ruger No. 1 SS Tropical in 458 LOTT

RMR (RM08) using RM57 mount done by Amerigun in North Branch, MI.

Cape Buffalo in Tanzania using a Trijicon RMR

2015-11-06 - Cape Buffalo in Tanzania

Cape Buffalo in Tanzania using a Trijicon RMR

November 6, 2015 - Click here to read about my compelling experience in Tanzania!

Cape Buffalo in Tanzania using a Trijicon RMR

November 6, 2015 - Cape Buffalo in Tanzania

Second Cape Buffalo with my Trijicon

November 2, 2015 - Thanks Again Trijicon! My second Cape Buffalo with your illuminated scope. A wounded Buffalo in the thickest brush I have ever seen, surrounded by dogs he busted out of the brush at 25 yards! The illuminated dot is much better than cross hairs when lives are on the line! Jerry Koplin Clarkston, Michigan

Ready for hunting now

August 3, 2015 - Love this scope!

Hog Hunting

April 16, 2015 - "Trijicons ATWS is simply amazing! Great night of hunting with the best optics around!!"

March 3, 2015 - Jake Librizzi (Trijicon) and Johnny Moir (BE Meyers) slaying 4 Javelinas and a coyote down in Texas. Jake was using a Daniel Defense V9 with a Trijicon 1-6x VCOG. Johnny was using a Grey Ghost Precision Heavy with a Trijicon 3-15x TARS.

Scouting the high country

November 7, 2014 - Took this photo right before my elk showed up.

2014 Elk down Trijicon accupin

November 7, 2014 - This spot and stalk hunt ended with the help of Trijicon accupin, I spoted this elk glassing, and set up an ambush spot, while calling the elk stopped 38 yards away, he spotted me and ran across the mountain down towards me slightly I rotated the dial to 35 yards and sent my arrow for a double lung shot. I kept calling and stopped and went down less then 30 yards from my shot. My first elk ever. Thanks Trijicon, I felt comfortable and confident that I would make a ethical shot.

2014 Dall Sheep Hunt

August 26, 2014 -
Aug 11, 2014 Healy, Alaska
Midnight Sun Safaris
Using a Weatherby Mark V .270 Wby. Mag. and a Trijicon AccuPoint TR20-1G.

RMR mounted on Merkel 470 NE Double rifle

August 16, 2014 - RMR dual illuminated sight mounted on Merkel dangerous game double rifle. Modified the S&W three screw large frame revolver mount with top rib drilled and tapped to match. Potent combination of reflex sight and game stopping power of the 470 NE. Mounting close to breach allows better field of view.


May 22, 2014 - Utah Spring Black Bear Hunt 2014

Incredible Utah phase color Black Bear. It took 7 miles of hiking to tag this big BOAR. My Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 pulled through yet again. It's crystal clear glass, fiber optic/tritium mil dot reticle help me land the perfect shot on this trophy.

Benelli SBE II + Trijicon RMR = Lone Ranger’s Spur

February 21, 2014 - I started back Turkey hunting when I retired a few years ago. I bought a new “Turkey” shotgun and when I witnessed how tight it shoots. It became perfectly clear I needed some sight help. Just looking down the barrel was not going to cut it anymore.
I picked the Trijicon RMR and mounted it on top of my Benelli Super Black Eagle II. I Love It!
I chased this old Gobbler I affectionately called the “Lone Ranger” for 8 days.

February 7, 2014 - Here's a pic of the buck I harvested on January 2, 2014. He has a green gross score of 192 2/8". This was a wild free ranging deer.

Thanks for making such a great, accurate sight!

Florida Alligator-Derek Smith

January 17, 2014 - Reeled this fat monster in for 25 minutes then blasted it with the Ruger 77/44. Thanks to the awesome Trijicon scope, perfectly sighted, it only took one shot! These are amazing scopes. Taken with Tom Walker Adventures

December 06, 2013 - Caught him in October after One Mile chase and fought him on ground last half mile before he climbed tree! Scored 22 1/16". Previous record was 21 15/16"....


October 31, 2013 - 304 yard shot on my Buck Antelope in Wyoming October 2013. It was cold, snowy, and at times visibility and wind were a real problem, but not for my Trijicon 5-20x50 Accupoint. This shot happened so quickly that my 12 year old son said: "Dad I have never seen you setup so quick for a shot in my life". A rapid adjustment on my exposed elevation turret, the green dot coupled with Trijicon's crystal clear glass allowed me to acquire the animal in the scope quickly and hold the reticle perfect on this buck. This scope gets better and better as it has delivered on many different hunts. My Trijicon Accupoint proved itself again as a must have component for big game hunting! Thanks Trijicon!

Trijicon in Africa

September 17, 2013 - I got the leopard just last week. I don’t think I could have done it without the Trijicon scope. The large 56mm lens could pick him up on the branch in the moonlight. Although the crosshairs were difficult to see with no light, the tritium dot provided a perfect aiming point and in total darkness helps orient the rifle to the correct point when there are no other visual references. I got the leopard at 8:15pm on the last day of a 15 day hunt. I am putting Trijicon scopes on all my rifles.

Trijicon TrijiDot - Spring Tom

June 25, 2013 - I took this Tom in early May in the central region of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Just after sun up, this Tom came up over the hill on the first call. It looked like it was just about to run off when I put it down with my brand new 870 equipped with a TrijiDot. Great shotgun sight that really came through!


June 17, 2013 - Just took this tusker in Botswana last Tues. 55 and 57 lbs for tusk. Used your 1x4 on a .458 for a perfect heart shot and delivered the coup de grace with the 470 NE using your RMR.

April 22, 2012 - Hog taken from a helicopter in Brownfield, TX with an FNP 45 tactical pistol and an RMR.

April 22, 2012 - Coyote taken from a helicopter in Brownfield, TX with a Trijicon SRS.

Tennessee Tom taken with Trijicon TrijiDot

April 5, 2013 - Tom Munson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Trijicon, and Dr. Jimmy Sites, host of Spiritual Outdoor Adventures, take a nice turkey on opening week in Tennessee using the Trijicon TrijiDot shotgun sight.

Opening Day

January 3, 2013 - Weatherby 300 magnum with Trijicon Accupoint scope. Scored 224 6/8.


November 28, 2012 - 325 lb 3.5" tusk with one of my many Trijicons think i have 8 of them just got a new 5x20 taking it out for deer real soon, thanks for a great scope Dave B.

Trijicon AccuPin Bowsight

November 16, 2012 - The Trijicon Accupin helped me seal the deal on this Monster 180" Whitetail. With fading light the Accupin gave me the confidence to make the shot and quickly kill my trophy. The Accupin provides pin point accuracy that is essential to harvesting Big Whitetails.

The Accupoint Does it Again

November 16, 2012 - With Trijicon's extremely bright aiming point I was able to confidently drop this buck in the last minutes of daylight. The Green Post reticle is an awesome choice for all big game hunting

Trijicon Through The Fog

November 16, 2012 - The brilliant contrast of the amber triangle against the snow and fog covered mountains allowed me to drop this beautiful elk in its tracks.

Eland Bull

I recently hunted with Ken Moody Safari in Limpopo Province of the Republic of South Africa. I purchased a Trijicon scope prior to this hunt. The illumination of the cross hairs worked flawlessly, even in low light. It was overcasted, the eland herd were greyish in color and the grass was brownish grey. With another scope, it would have been difficult to see. I was very confident in looking through my Trijicon scope of my 375 ultra mag, that I would be able to harvest my first Eland. This has been one of many hunting dreams that came true. Thanks Trijicon for a great product!

Shelby Twp, MI

Trijicon in Zimbabwe

July 25, 2012 - I just returned from a Safari in Zimbabwe where I harvested my second Cape buffalo. A one shot kill just before dark with your Trijicon AcuPoint 1-4 Power Scope on my .458. In 2008 I used a non Trijicon scope and I shot a Cape Buffalo, just before dark. But the non-illuminated cross hairs on a black buffalo delivered a non-fatal impact that required 5 more .458’s rounds the next day. I will hunt Dangerous game on my next Safari and I will ONLY use Trijicon Scopes, even in low light my Trijicon produced a illuminated dot on the black buffalo shoulder that resulted in a shot that dropped the Cape Buffalo in less than 50 yards. Following up on a wounded Cape buffalo is a great story for the grand children, but I’d rather use a Trijicon and come home safe for the next Safari.


Jarriel “Jerry” Koplin
Clarkston, Michigan

two deer at my dads

June 4, 2012 - two nice eight points

Berven is Back

June 3, 2012 - Two weeks before we went hunting we set up the bear baits hoping to draw in a good number of bears and get them used to the bait sites. The week we headed up for hunting, we sadly realized that our one baits we call Berven Bait hadn't been touched by bears let alone by any ravens. This was pretty strange considering this bait was typically smoked by bears and our trail camera usually ran out of memory after two days from all the raven pictures it took...But, to give a bit of background, this year we had decided to move the bait about 160yds because our old location had been in a pretty swampy area and we didn't want to keep getting the quads stuck. With no action at this new location we decided we HAD to move back to our old spot! Two days after moving the bait I sat there with my hunting buddy Dave. We were still getting settled into the stand when I noticed our first bear of the evening. We had bear action the rest of the evening at the stand with two big bears but neither would give me a shot. Two days later Dave and I returned to this bait site and, same as the previous night, we were still setting up when I saw the biggest bodied black bear I have ever seen in my life. I started praying harder than I ever have that the Lord would bring this bear in. Dave caught it all on camcorder and the photo is proof...God Answered My Prayer and Berven is Back!!! Thank you Trijicon for the GREAT AccuPin Bow Site! I put that pin on the boiler room and watched my arrow fly right through!!! My bear only ran 5yds before it dropped dead!!

Warthog Limpopo Province 2012 Accupoint 3x9 Red Post

May 25, 2012 - I shot this good sized warthog on the trot at about 85 yards with my 30.06 and my Accupoint 3x9 with the red post. Great optics and great reticle. This rifle was seriously bumped just before the hunt. I took it back to the range and the POI had not changed at all. Thank you Trijicon for a great product.

Dad's Lesser Kudu

May 17, 2012 - Dad took this great lesser kudu in Tanzania. With help from the tr20 we was able to slip a shot through the dense brush. Thanks Trijicon!

FCA Outdoors in South Africa

May 1, 2012 - My first trip to South Africa with Daggaboy Safaris and FCA Outdoors included using a Trijicon Scope to take a nice Gemsbuck. Geard, with Daggaboy, was so impressed he is in process of purchasing one for his own use. Awesome equipment!

Hog Hunting

February 13, 2012 -

White Tail Buck Iowa

December 26, 2011 - I shot my first buck on my first hunting trip with a Trijicon scope on my 50 cal muzzleloader. My Trijicon Accupoint scope made it possible to shoot my buck right after sunset.

My First Buck with an AccuPin

December 20, 2011 - My Trijicon AccuPin sight helps me make a perfect shot when it counts. It's the brightest, easiest to shoot, most accurate sight it have ever shot. Thanks for making a great product!

Bull Elk - Nevada

December 12, 2011 - Attached is the Bull Elk I took in Nevada just before Thanksgiving..Once again the Trijicon scope was instrumental in closing the deal. 314 yard shot in timber low light. It just doesn’t get any easier than a quick BDC dial adjustment, putting the amber dot on the animal and pulling the trigger.

Long Range Coyote Killer

November 22, 2011 - Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 on top of DPMS Panther Arms Arctic 5.56mm with a Laser Genetics ND3 Laser Designator and finally a surefire X400 Weapons light/laser.

West Virginia Black Bear

November 10, 2011 - This West Virginia black bear was taken at 130 yards by Richard Mann on Thanksgiving Day 2010. The rifle is a Remington R 15 in .30 Remington AR and Richard used a handloaded 150 gr. Nosler Accubond. The riflescope is a 1-4X Trijicon TR24 and according to Richard, "Once that red triangle atop the post reticle found his shoulder, there was no saving this black bear".

Antelope taken on 9-11-11 with Trijicon Accupoint

September 15, 2011 - Mark Darty from Collierville, TN took this antelope with a .308 rifle using a Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20x50mm scope with mil dot reticle. He named this antelope "Patriot" because he was taken on 9-11-11. The shot was 360 yards on the Santa Rosa Ranch in New Mexico after a long stalk. Many thanks to our outfitter JFW and guide Larry Meeks for a great setup on this stalk! The view through the Trijicon that day was unforgetable. The green illuminated dot was bright and clear and the optical resolution and colors seen through the scope were simply amazing! Thanks Trijicon for a great product!

SA Black-Backed Jackal

June 21, 2011 - We were calling in Duikers from a high rock outcropping that overlooked a large sparsely-treed area below. Suddenly, two jackals came running in from out of nowhere, and turned up the road directly toward us. From about 200 yds, the amber Accupoint 2.5-10x56 on my WM70 .300WSM immediately locked onto the lead animal and dropped him in his tracks. It always surprises me how quickly these scopes can acquire a target!

10 point 275 lbs. Buck

June 3, 2011 - 10 point, 275lb. buck that I had taken in the 2010 season.

Stephen Bindon with Alaskan Brown Bear

May 27, 2011 - Trijicon president, Stephen Bindon with his trophy Alaskan coastal brown bear taken with
a Trijicon TR20.

Nilgai Cow

May 20, 2011 - A nilgai cow I shot with the Trijicon 5x20 on my 338 RUM from 736 yards.

Big Longbeards

May 20, 2011 - After a couple misses with the 20, I promoted my boy to the 12. He went 2 for 2 on big longbeards Saturday - both tough, henned up birds. Note the sights!

S&W .460 Revolver with RM02

May 17, 2011 - This pig was taken with a S&W .460 revolver with a RM02 sight. I shot the pig at about 2:00 pm at about 25 yrds. The shot was much easier using a non-magnified sight like the Trijicon RMR sight.

Myles Waterman, Sales Manager

Hog Hunting

These were shot in South Texas in February and March of this year (2011). All the shots were made at night with no lights other than the moon. The Trijicon Accupoint could've been custom made just for hog hunters. It is absolutely lethal at night.

David Reid

Bear Hunt

February 11, 2011 - I shot this brute up in Northern Quebec at dusk from 175 yards. It may have been more of a difficult shot or I might not have taken the shot if I didn't have a scope with an illuminated reticle. I was using my Trijicon 3-9x40 riflescope.

Myles Waterman, Sales Manager

Mule Deer

February 11, 2011 - I shot this buck in New Mexico at about 75 yards with my black powder rifle. I took him at about dusk and the illuminated green post reticle in my 1-4x24 gave me the confidence to make a precise shot.

Myles Waterman, Sales Manager

Central Texas Buck

January 18, 2011 - Took this nice Central Texas buck with my Wilson Combat 6.8 and an Accupoint 3-9x40 with the mildot / green dot reticle. Got it right at very last light, about 300 yards out, it was hung up in the edge of the tree line no doubt waiting until night fell before coming out into the field to feed. I could NOT have taken the shot with a lesser scope, the glass quality and small perfectly defined and properly (meaning barely) lit dot enable the shot. I get to test a LOT of highend scopes and I maintain that the 3-9x40 Accupoint is probably the best overall hunting scope you can buy.

Charles Coker - Tactical Gun Review

Prairie Dog Hunt 2007

The 2.5-10X TR22 Accupoint proves itself on the Prairie in Wyoming. Mounted on Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) MRP with 16 with a stainless barrel.

AccuPoint in Africa

Scott Haugen and his family recently spent a month in Africa. They were able take home some impressive animals even though the hunting was very tough. Kazden dropped this blue wildebeest on the spot with a .30-06 and Scott took this cape buffalo.

Vermont Moose

Ruth and Mason took this cow moose in an area of Vermont called the "Northeast Kingdom of Vermont". Mason used a H-S Percision rifle in a 30WSM caliber with an AccuPoint (TR20G) and Ruth used her 280 with an AccuPoint (TR20-2). The shots were taken at 294 yards. What an adventure for Grandma and Grandson!

Canadian Buck

Jim Benton spent five long weeks in the cold in Canada. He went home a successful hunter with this beautiful buck.

Trijicon Hero

Mike took this whitetail while on a hunt on the Milk River in Montana.

"The real hero was the Trijicon AccuPoint with Mil Dot Reticle. He came out the night before at 300 yards which I thought might be too long of a poke with the muzzleloader. I went to the range and used the mil dots to sight in at 100, 200, 250 and 300 yards. I was confident at 300 when we finshed. I took this deer at over 200 yards when he came back out that night. Thanks Trijicon." -- Mike DiSario

Canadian Moose

Ruth McCuin shows off her trophy moose after a hunt in Alberta. Ruth used a HS Percision rifle in 300WSM caliber with a Trijicon 3-9x20 AccuPoint with a green post.

Alaska Brown Bear

Scott Haugen, host of Trijicon\'s Game Chasers, traveled to Alaska for brown bear. Following a stalk of nearly two miles, Haugen found himself within 130 yards of this bruin. As the bear stood on its hind legs, Haugen took the shot. Though hit good, the bear took off on the run, quartering away from the hunter. Tracking the running bear in his AccuPoint scope, Haugen hit the bear with another shot. But that didn\'t slow him down. At 170 yards, the bear was still on an all-out run. Taking a lead, Haugen hit the bear again, this time dropping it as the bullet from his .375 passed through both shoulders of the brute. Watch for this exciting hunt on an upcoming episode of the TV show on the Outdoor Channel.

Costal Black Bear

Jim took this coastal black bear on a spring hunt in British Columbia this May. On the West coast of British Columbia the weather is always a factor. Jim had rain every day but his T/C muzzleloader or Trijicon AccuPoint were not affected by the rain.

Tabby Mountain Elk

Colorado Buck was recently on an Elk hunt in Tabiona, Utah with Tabby Mountain Outfitters where he took this record setting elk. Colorado used a reproduction High Wall 45-70 produced by Uberti and a 3-9 Trijicon AccuPoint. The owner of Tabby Mountain, Mr. Gary Stringham reported this was the largest Elk they have ever taken off the ranch.

For more on this adventure watch \"Where in the world is Colorado Buck?\" and \"The Outfitter\"

Giant Red Hartebeest

Ben Wingblad, Trijicon\'s Purchasing Manager, shot this Red Hartebeest while in South Africa this May. He used a 7mm Remington Magnum with a 3-9x40 Trijicon AccuPoint Riflescope (Model TR20).

\"I shot this Red Hartebeest on the run at 275 yards. My Accupoint (TR20) made what would normally be a very difficult shot seem effortless.
- Ben Wingblad

Trusted RedDot

Bobby Vanover recently took a trip with Sly Dog Productions of Boise Idaho to film a DVD on turkey hunting. He used a T/C Pro Hunter, Trijicon RedDot and a Pure-Gold Choke tube. The bird was Rio Grand 26lb 10 1/2" Beard and 1 1/4" Spurs.

"The bird was in thick cover and the Tirjicon RedDot helped me to keep on target. It is so clear and the quality is amazing. I need to trust the products I use in the field and that is why I choose this combo." -Bobby Vanover

Mountain Grizzly

Roger Gunlock harvested this Mountain Grizzly in September of 2008 near Chisana, Alaska. It squared out at 8 1/2 feet and had a skull measurement of 24 2/16, qualifying for the Boone and Crockett record book for Mountain Grizzly. Roger was using a TR21 and took the shot from 125 yards. Also pictured is Rick Barnes (left) Rogers guide for the hunt.

Amber Victory

Trijicon's Representative Courtney Braswell scored this hog on a recent hunt. Courtney used a TR20 to make this hunt a success.

Mexican Mule Deer

This winter Jim Benton took a trip to Mexico in search of a Mule Deer. Jim took this Mule Deer at a little over 350 yards.

Black Hills Turkey Hunt

Trijicon's Representative Jonathan Raasch used an AccuPoint TR21R with a Benelli shotgun on a turkey hunt in the spring of 2008.

Eight Point Buck

10 year old Slade Moore of Enterprise, MS. took this 8 point buck on Jan.10, 2009. Slade used his new rifle and scope he received for Christmas, a Remington 270 WSM, and the backbone of his rifle, a Trijicon Accupoint. Slade loves his scope, and says he just put the dot right where he needed to, and placed a single shot to bring down his deer.

Another Buck

Mike Woods scores this buck with a Knight .54 and an AccuPoint.

Whitetail Deer Hunt

Joe Tormala, with the Wounded Warror Porject and Ray Alatalo traveled to Legends Ranch in Michigan with Trijicon for a whitetail deer hunt.

Winning Combination

Chris Woods scored this hog with a Benelli R1 30-60 equipped with a Trijicon 3-9x40 AccuPoint.

Tough Hunt

Jim Benton was recently on a hunt in Alberta. Jim took this 12pt. on the last day of a tough hunt.

Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen took this bull from 160 yards on a recent trip to Wyoming.

10pt with an AccuPoint

I was hunting the first week of November, 2008 in Saskatchewan, Canada. I took this nice 10 point whitetail with a Browning X Bolt in .30-06 with a Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 scope with the new crosshair reticle. I absolutely love this scope with the new crosshair!

Mil-Dot Success

Jim Benton has another successful hunt with a Trijicon AccuPoint.

Wyoming Mule Deer

John Bethany was recently on a hunt in Wyoming where he came home with these trophies. The mule deer was taken with a nearly vertical shot at about 150 yards.

Another Successful Hunt

Scott Haugen took this mule deer and elk while filming a hunt in Idaho.

Greg Mitchell Representative of the Year 2007

Greg Mitchell scored this Elk while on a hunt at Three Forks Ranch in Savery, Wyoming. He was using a .30-06 Cooper Arms with TR20 Riflescope.

Near Impossible in Namibia

"Well the trip into Namibia was already going quite well... when in the middle of the 7th morning the near impossible occurred in broad daylight. The pictures should cover part of the story. No bait, no fences... no way! The video is unbelievable with a Kudu Bull barking in the background! It took Aaron and I a moment to figure out why he was acting so strangely... but that question was quickly answered. My hat is off to Trijicon and T/C for a perfect combination."

Alaskan Dall Sheep

Ruth took this beautiful Dall Sheep while in Alaksa. She was using her 280 with a TR20 and made a 270 yard shot.

Award Winning Hunt

\"Last June I hunted in the Limpopo region of South Africa, using my Winchester model 70 Coyote 270 WSM and your Trijicon AccuPoint 2.5-10x56. I was amazed at the clarity and visual effect of the scope. I had a most successful hunt. The waterbuck scored SCI Gold, the Bushbuck scored Silver and the Eland scored Bronze!\"

Best Birthday Present

Mason scored his first bear on May 16th, his 12th birthday. His second bear was taken two days later Mason was using his grandmother's rifle in 280 caliber with a Trijicon TR20.

Ruth also took a bear on her birthday while hunting in Newfoundland.

South African Dream Hunt

Scott Haugen and his film crew visited South Africa where they hunted the East Cape Province with Peter and Stephen Tam of Tam Safaris. They came away with several exciting TV shows, the highlight of which was taking a lion and darting a white rhino.

Click Here to visit the Tam Safaris website

After three days of hunting, Haugen was able to connect on his lifelong dream, a male lion. Though he\'d taken a handful of lions on previous trips, including two man-eating lionesses, this was his first time to hunt the prized male. At one point, the hunters were within 15 yards of the big tom, but couldn\'t get a shot through the heavy brush. Finally, after several hours, a shot opportunity presented itself at 60 yards. A frontal shot and a quick follow-up put the cat down. He measured 10\"1\' from nose to tail tip, and weighed 500 pounds.

Another hunt for one of the big five found Haugen going after white rhino, this time with a tranquilizer dart. After a long stalk, Haugen and his PH, Peter Tam, slipped of their boots, and stealthed to within 30 yards of a two-and-a-half ton bull. The exciting part, there were two other bulls bedded down between the hunter and the target bulls, not 15 yards away. The shot found its mark, and after a short distance the bull went down. It was then that wildlife biologists took blood and tissue samples to monitor the animal\'s health, then set it free. The darting of rhinos by sport hunters is one of the main reasons their numbers are where they are today; it\'s a true testimony of how hunting truly serves as a valued tool of conservation.

Though Haugen has been on multiple African safaris, this was his first time to hunt caracal, or the African lynx. As with all hound hunting, the energy surrounding the hunt is fast and furious. Working a river bottom, it didn\'t take long for the pack of hounds to strike a fresh track in the early morning. Fifteen minutes later and with nearly a mile of rocky ground being covered, the cat bayed in some low-lying brush. The shot was the easy part.

While with the Tams, Haugen took a series of plains game, including the prized springbuck slam (common, black, white and copper). On the safari, he fired a total of 12 shots, dropping 11 animals (the lion took an insurance shot), a true testimony to the accuracy and reliability of Trijicon\'s quality scopes. The highlight of his plains game hunt was stalking a big herd of gemsbuck and finally taking a gorgeous animal with horns measuring just shy of 40 inches.

Though Scott Haugen returned safely home from his African safari, the Tam\'s insisted his Trijicon scope stay behind. These hunts can be seen on Trijicon\'s Outdoor America and Wild Encounters, on the Outdoor Channel.

Scott Haugen hunts in New Zealand

Television host and outdoor writer, Scott Haugen, traveled to the north island of New Zealand, where he hunted with Gerald Fluerty of Wildside Hunting Safaris

Click HERE to visit the Wild Side Hunting website

The red stag was taken at 100 yards, as it moved through heavy brush, then stood in a opening for a brief shot opportunity. The 20-point stag had incredible mass, and Fluerty and Haugen followed his roars for nearly two hours before finally getting a shot. The red stag roar was in full-swing, making for a classic and very memorable hunt.

After all day of hunting fallow deer, Haugen finally got a shot in the closing minutes of daylight. The shot came at 160 yards, and in the low-light conditions, the AccuPoint came through again for Haugen, just as it always does.

Haugen also scored on a very nice sika deer, one of the highlights of his trip. These deer are much like hunting blacktail deer back in Haugen\'s home state of Oregon, and he looks forward to one day returning to New Zealand to hunt sikas.

While New Zealand is known for red stag, tahr, chamois and other deer species, there\'s also a host of bonus animals to be hunted. One of those is the all-black, Arapawa ram. After several hours of stalking, Haugen and Fluerty finally got on to a group of rams. The shot came at 260 yards, dropping the 1 1/2-curl ram on the sport. It was a South Pacific hunting adventure Haugen will never forget, and his Trijicon scope worked perfectly in a wide-range of conditions. To watch these hunts unfold, tune in to Wild Encounters, a show which is scheduled to launch on the Outdoor Channel starting in July, 2008.

Jim Benton in British Colombia

Jim Benton of Jim Benton Outdoor Adventures took this Mountain Lion in British Colombia. Jim used a 2.5-10x56 AccuPoint Riflescope with a red reticle.
Click HERE to visit the Jim Benton Outdoor Adventures website.

Alaska Dall Sheep

"The ram was taken on the very last day of a ten day hunt. In order to close the distance we had to cross extremely fast flowing, deep, rock laden, glacier streams on several occasions to get to where we could make our assent. We had to accomplish this without being spotted by either of the two rams that were feeding on the side of the mountain. The last stretch was across a barren slide that left no room for error in the placement of your feet. By the time I was in position for the shot the rams were onto us and headed for cover. The range was close; however with the adrenaline rush and fear of blowing the stock, I was shaking like it was my first hunt. When I raised my rifle, I was so thankful to be using the TR-20 scope with the illuminated triangle. I knew when that triangle was on my ram I couldn't miss. I have been using scoped rifles for over forty years. There is nothing that compares to the Accupoint. There is no other scope that will give you the feeling of confidence that you have when that triangle settles in on your target. As producers and co-host of The Outfitter, Ruth and I do a lot of big game hunting. The Trijicon scope is the best thing that has happened to the hunting industry."

AccuPoint Success

"My Accupoint TR20 3-9X40 rifle scope was mounted on a Benelli R1 ComforTech Semi-automatic 30/06. What's really cool about this setup was that I was able apply the Bindon Aiming Concept. I spotted the buck at about 150 yards, but he was over a fence on someone else's property. He was chasing some does, which I had been watching for a while. He was paralleling my stand, so I grunted and he stopped and looked to see where the grunt came from. I grunted again and started walking toward me. He stopped about ten yards from the fence, and I grunted a third time. He walked up to the fence and stopped. He looked like he was trying to figure out where the grunt was coming from. I grunted a fourth time and he jumped the fence and headed straight toward me. At about 60 yards he stopped and offered me a broadside shot. I placed the point of the aiming post behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger. He buckled, but did not go down. Instead, he took off running. I was able to get off three more shots at him while he was running and he finally fell. When I got to him and checked him out, I had hit him three out of the four shots, two of them with him on the run. The first shot hit right where I was aiming, and how it failed to drop him, I don't know. The last shot hit him in the neck which brought him down. I measured, with Leica rangefinding binos, the distance he had run from the first shot. It was right at fifty yards. The recoil on the R1 is so light, that I never lost sight of the deer, and with the aiming point on the post of my TR20, I was able to track and shoot three times within that fifty yards. By the way, as soon as I get enough saved up, my next purchase will be the TR21. It has got to be a hog hunters dream scope."

10pt White Tail Buck

Pete used a 12 gauge with a TR21R, a 1.25-4 x 24 AccuPoint riflescope. The deer was harvested in Livingston County, Michigan.

Heath Painter Films in Newfoundland

Heath Painter of Game and Gear Adventures just returned from Newfoundland where he was filming for the show. While there he was able to take two awesome animals. Both were long range shots with the AccuPoint...The moose was 449 yards and the caribou was 256!

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Jim Benton's Grizzly

Jim Benton of Jim Benton Outdoor Adventures yielded this awesome grizzly during a trip to the yukon this past year. Look at the size of this bear. Jim used a 2.5-10x56 AccuPoint Riflescope with a red reticle.

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Orange Free State South Africa Hunt

John Paul Jones took this Blue Wildebeest at 30 yards using a Trijicon Reflex. During his trip he also took a Blesbuck, a 49 inch Kudu, a Gemsbuck, a Zebra and (pictured below) a 23 inch Impala.

Orange Free State South Africa Hunt

John Paul Jones harvested this Impala at 23 yards using a TR21 Trijicon AccuPoint 1.25-4x24 Riflescope.

3x3 Rusa Stag

Jason Quick, Senior Field Representative for the National Rifle Association, took this animal in Victoria, Australia with Timberline Outfitting \"Glen & Shawnti Coolahan\". This 27\" 3x3 Rusa Stag was hunted with a 1.25-4x24 Trijicon AccuPoint?Ǭ mounted on a Winchester Pre 64 M70 .375H&H.

Bear Hunting in Canada

Thanks to Sam and Ruth McCuin of The Outfitter, one lucky Trijicon employee was able to go on a prosperous hunt. Ben Wingblad, Trijicon's Purchasing Manager, submitted these two photos of the two bears he harvested on this hunting trip. He used a 7mm Remington Magnum with a 3-9x40mm Amber reticle Trijicon AccuPoint scope. The first black bear weighed in at 400 lbs. and was 7 ft. tall. The second bear, also 400 lbs., stood 7 ft. 4 inches.

Congratulations on a great hunt and thank you to The Outfitter!

Reflex Aids in Turkey Hunt

Cody Easom of Cody & Cody shot two birds during the Lieutenant Governor's Annual Turkey Hunt this past April 2007. One was taken with a shotgun with the aid of a Trijicon Reflex. The other was harvested with a bow and arrow.

Reflex Hits the Mark While Turkey Hunting

"We had a great opening day as you can see from the pic. The Reflex hit the mark once again. Cody Hughes [pictured in the center] got his turkey with a 35 yard shot." - Steve Easom (C2 Productions)

AccuPoint Aids in Amazing Trophy

Trijicon's President, Stephen Bindon, hunted this extraordinary kudu with a Remington 700, 7mm Mag with an AccuPoint 3-9x40 (red reticle) on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 5:15 PM. It measured 54 2/8" and 54 7/8" and both horns were 10" in circumference. The striking feature is the spread between the horns.

Cody & Cody Hunt in Oklahoma

"We took a young boy, Blake who is autistic hunting for his first buck. He got a 8 point, Cody (1) got a 10 point and Cody (2) got a 7 point. All with the Trijicon Accupoint." -Steve Easom (C2 Productions)

Click HERE to visit the Cody & Cody website.

King for a Day

Tom Nichols scores a 9-point in Saskatchewan with his TR22 2.5-10x56 Trijicon AccuPoint Riflescope.

The Hunt of a Lifetime

\"The scope you donated to Greg Eddy was a tremendous help. Because of his physical limitations the scope had to be off set from the rifle about five inches so he could look through it. He was able to get an absolutely magnificent 6x6 elk on his hunt in Idaho. Everyone was in tears as the young man with cerebral palsy bagged his bull.\" Greg\'s dad, Dennis said, \"The hunt was the best thing that has ever happened to our family.\"
- Sam McCuin

\"Having the Trijicon scope certainly helped Greg to accomplish his dream. We had a very successful hunt as you can see. Our family is very thankful for the scope as it made it so easy for Greg by not needing to close one eye. Thank you!\"
- Greg (The elk slayer) Dennis & Donna Eddy

Click HERE to read more about this incredible hunt.

Another AccuPoint Fan

"Loving the scopes the more I use them! Got this nice 'goat in South Dakota last week, as well as the prized Columbia whitetail in Oregon...both on film for Outdoor America." - Scott Haugen

Caribou Hunt in Canada

Cody Hughes from Cody & Cody
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Caribou Hunt in Canada

Cody Easom from Cody & Cody
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Bull Kudu

Tormala with 50" Bull Kudu taken at 21 yards during "2006 Freedom Safari" in Botswana with a Trijicon AccuPoint® 3-9x40mm riflescope.

"I found hunting in Botswana very challenging and I am happy to report I harvested some fine animals all of which were taken using your exceptional AccuPoint riflescope."
- Joe Tormala

African Warthog

Zumbo & Tormala with male warthog taken at 30 yards with Trijicon AccuPoint® 3-9x40mm riflescope during "2006 Freedom Safari" in Botswana.

"Your AccuPoint scope performed flawlessly and maintained zero in the most arduous travel conditions possible and while mounted on .300 Remington Ultra Magnum receiver. It was a dream to acquire instant shot placement in various light conditions and with the various foliage encountered in Africa."
-Joe Tormala

Blue Wildebeest Bull

Zumbo & Tormala with male warthog taken at 30 yards with Trijicon AccuPoint® 3-9x40mm riflescope during "2006 Freedom Safari" in Botswana.

Tormala & Sparks (of Sukses Safaris) with Blue Wildebeest Bull taken at 100 yards with a Trijicon AccuPoint® 3-9x40mm riflescope during "2006 Freedom Safari"

"The AccuPoint ensured certain success and proved to be a fatal combination on my Remington Model 700 APR. I've found a trusted name in Trijicon as a career Marine and Soldier and now as an international hunter in Africa, I can think of no other riflescope I'd trust my life on."
-Joe Tormala

Rewarding Hog Hunt

Pictured (from right to left):

Greg Rodriguez, Dave Biggers, and Dick Williams

Photo by: Greg Rodriguez

\"A photo of a happy guy (me) and my first feral hog. The range was about 10 yards and he was moving fast and at about a 45 degree angle away from me. With the Chevron reticle I was still able to pick him up and put him down. Great product.\" - Dave Biggers


This Tom was taken at Rancho Ala Blanca in Mexico, 39 yards and the TriPower was the mark!
Cody Hughes
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The Reflex (RX06) scored big Today in Waynoka Oklahoma, This Tom came in, flogged the decoy and bang, Game over!

19 1/2 lb., 9 1/4 in Beard, 1 in. Spur.

Cody Hughes

Family Hunting

The Benoit family has been very successful using our AccuPoint riflescopes. From left to right is Landon, Shane, Lanny & Lane.

Mississippi 8 Point

Trijicon scores again! 8 point Mississippi buck taken on the run, through the timber, running away. The Accupoint (TR20) is just That!
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Thanksgiving Time

Here is a picture of the two Fall Turkey's taken, Shotgun with the Reflex (RX06) and Rifle with the AccuPoint. Cody, Zac and Cory in Picture. Cody took his with rifle and Cory took his with the Shotgun.

Steve's at it again.

Picture of Steve Gruber's Montana Whitetail. He shot this last week with his 3-9x40 AccuPoint (TR20R).

Red Deer Stag

On another of his hunting adventures Colorado Buck took this Red Deer Stag. It was taken on the Tangihau Estate, which is on the North Island near Gisbourne. Buck used his TR20 AccuPoint scope for the winning shot.

One of the world's largest Rusa Deer

Colorado Buck used his AccuPoint (TR20) to get the new #20th in the world largest Rusa deer. The hunt took place in New Caledonia.

170 inch whitetail with the AccuPoint

\"Last fall when this 170 inch whitetail appeared along Montana\'s Yellowstone River bottom the AccuPoint (TR20) was perfect!\" Quoted from Steve Gruber, of the hunting show Outdoor America.
For more information on Steve Gruber and Outdoor America you can visit www.wolfcreekinc.com.

Colorado Buck's Trophy

Colorado Buck took this trophy using our 3-9x40 AccuPoint riflescope (TR20)during his recent trip to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China border for Marco Polo Sheep. For more on his adventure watch The Outfitter. (check your local cable station for details)

Lanny Benoit

One of Lanny Benoit's successful tracking jobs with the Trijicon AccuPoint led to this long-tined buck.

To learn more about how to successfully track Whitetail read Benoit Bucks by Bryce Towsley.
Or visit www.benoitsbigbucks.com to order a DVD.


Landon Benoit

Landon Benoit and his 16 pt 230 lb buck taken during the 2003 Season using our AccuPoint Riflescope. TR20


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