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Michael Budd Fairview, North Carolina
I bought a Glock 43x with factory night sights and noticed that I was having a difficult time picking up the front sight when target shooting. Glock night sights are good sights and I had no trouble shooting them on my Glock 19x. The 43x being smaller probably contributed to my problem. I purchased trijicon HDXR night sights and noticed an immediate difference! The thinner front post and orange front sight enabled me to correct the left-right problem I was having ( I never had a problem up-down). Thank you Trijicon for an excellent product!!

Richard Parry DENVER, Colorado
Ive wanted a Trijicon ACOG for years. The only thing holding me back was the price. Because of the price and just to be sure I took my time and did a lot of research. I compared Trijicons to other manufacturers. Without exception every single review of the Trijicon was positive unlike the competitors. So I've been saving and I picked up a TA31RCO-M4CP. It is a EXCEPTIONAL piece of equipment and well worth the price. It is museum quality as well as an heirloom. I dont have a lot of unique items that will last long enough to go to my heirs but the Trijicon is definitely one of them. I won't go into the technical details because those are readily available, but all of the claims about the quality and performance are accurate.

Tony Hightower Oxford, Georgia
Just letting you know how impressed we are with your night sights. We have had installed on my wife’s Glock 27. In fact, so impressed, that it has changed my mind on all other sights (and I say this with a heavy heart I have always used your competitors and I will not say any names because they also make really nice night sights), but after buying my wife the Trijicon HD, all I can say is I have missed out and been mislead. You guys have put together one awesome product I just can’t say enough about these HD sights. We are now saving our money to get our other handgun swapped over to all Trijicon. We are so stoked to be a part of the Trijicon family!!!!!!

Dan Smith Wisconsin
HD XR for SA XD45 5. Lots of acronyms there. Super stiff getting them pressed in. Once they got set I don't see them shifting in the future. Makes shooting an 18 gong at 70 a breeze, when prior I hit half the time at 50. Easy to pick up with that bright dot up front and if you present a less than perfect sight picture, the thinner blade in a wide rear gives you some wiggle room to pick it up. Definitely worth a try.

Max Norton
Hey Guys, I received my replacement rings yesterday! Wow! Did not expect that! I had sent in a ring for repair and got back a whole new set of rings. I was shocked! The turn around was fast too! This is why you are such an awesome company! Your Customer Service is second to none! This was not my first Trijicon scope and it won’t be last. I have pushed several people in your direction. They are reluctant to spend that kind of money on a scope. I tell them they can’t afford not to and they will regret it if they don’t. This will just give me more ammunition to plead my case! Thank you Trijicon for the best scopes in the world and backing them up with the best service in the world.

Abner Miranda Ooltewah, Tennessee
Every time I show these optics to people they just look at me with a look of wonder. I showed this to a well renowned instructor, at a class a few months ago. He was unaware of just how versatile the RMR08G is. He thought he was looking at a powered optic. When I pointed out the fact that it runs on fiber optics with a tritium back up for night use, he was actually slack jawed. He then looked a second time through the optic with a new appreciation. I then repeated “and now you see why I refer to this set up as the eternally ready optic. There are no batteries to contend with.

Micah Evans Ridgalend, Mississippi
I bought Trijicon HD night sights for my 40 and 45 Smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistols. I chose the orange dot for both of them and could not be happier. I recently got a set for my double stack M&P 9C also. I cannot recommend them enough.

Richard Jones International
Hello My names Richard Jones and i reside over the other side of the pond in sunny Wales (Not much happens here) and I wanted to email you to tell you keep up the good work! Over the years I have had a few different scopes for sporting and training purposes ranging from Aimpoint, Eotech to yourselves. My last purchase being a Trijicon ACOG which quickly became my favourite due to simply being an absolute tank. Its crazy how unparalleled the quality is. Anyway I felt the need to email you in order to express my utmost thanks for producing such incredible pieces of equipment. I gave my scope to my buddy to use when operating in Iraq a while ago and within a week of him being there he was stuck by 2x 7.62 rounds in which one hit his vest and other the scope as he raised his weapon up. The first was stopped by his vest but the second could of easily cost him his life but the scope was so damn hardy it broke the round against it on the side. He was able to use the scope to fire back and get the hell to safety. Apart from a ruined scope and of course a shaken friend he is perfectly healthy and most importantly alive. I firmly believe that if it was not for the robustness and quality of the scope you guys produced my mate would not be here with me today and for that I am eternally grateful for (Though i never tell him as he cost me my damn scope!). The scope may of been retired following the incident but its far better than the alternative. I just want to say keep up the sterling work in keeping the boys alive! The scopes you are making are utterly brilliant! All the best!

Steve Garland Burnsville, North Carolina
Bought Bright and Tough night sites for the Glock 19 and love them far and above top competitors model. These are very easy on the eyes as mine are getting worse at 50. Easy at night as well as day, cant say enough. Will be going with the Bright and Tough Novak Style Rear Sights for my new Glock. Mix it up a little while staying with what works at the same time.

Rodney Huff Montana
Sirs; I purchased an ACOG several months ago to put on a Larue .308. While doing a muzzle brake change I removed the ACOG. As I was moving around in my shop the scope slipped from my hand and fell three feet, eye piece first, onto the concrete floor. I stood frozen, expecting the lens to hit after being ejected. That didn't happen. Other than the "clank" of smacking the floor, it just laid there. I was sick, knowing I just trashed my ACOG. I picked it up, wiped off the concrete dust on side of the lens and peered through the glass. Everything looked fine. No cracks, flakes, lines; nothing. I had sighted the rifle in weeks earlier, so I remounted the scope and bored sighted it. It was off two clicks in elevation. Nothing else changed. I have dropped other expensive scopes and trust me folks, NONE of them survived such an event unscathed. My ten thumbs seems to assure an accident, but your ACOG kicked ass on my concrete and showed up for class. That is amazing. Thank you for a great product that can survive that kind of mishandling.

Christopher Kozak Rapid City, South Dakota
I own a MRO and I usually run Aimpoint. But I do have to say that I'm extremely satisfied with this model. I feel like I got the same performance of an Aimpoint and more out of the MRO. The price is better and it makes me feel like I got more bang for my buck. Thank you Trijicon

Michael Gauthier Bakersfield , California
I went to 2ndamendmentsports in Bakersfield to qualify for my CCW. While there I seen the TrijiconHD Nightsights and decided to let them install a set on my M&PShield 9. I was hesitant because of the price, the sights cost 50% of the price of my shield 9. All I can say is wow, this changed everything for the shield. I feel more confident shooting it and my accuracy improved dramatically, my shot groups became tighter and I was no longer tempted to look where every bullet went. My Glock used to be my favorite pistol to shoot, with the Trijicon HD sights I now prefer the shield. Great product.

Jackson Walker Anderson, South Carolina
I have been using the VCOG on a high end AR platform for a year now and it is the ultimate. I always shoot with both eyes open, and to have more that just a reflex sight and still be able to shoot with both eyes open give me the advantage I need. No wonder our military uses it. The Trijicon VCOG is an amazing technologically advanced tool. Jackson Walker, DVM

Johnny Ray Hutto, Texas
I recently purchased the 4 16x50 ACCUPOWER Scope for my rifle, and it is quite an amazing optic. Very clear at all distances I shot. Great product.

James Jarrell jr Picayune , Mississippi
I put some Trijicon HD sights on SpringField xd mod2 subcompact the best sights by far. I've done a lot of work to my gun but this is by for the best thing I done to it yet. If you're looking for night sights for your pistol look no further than here great product and thanks to Trijicon with supplying us with top notch products!

Jamie Spencer Dayton, Ohio
I recently lost my home and all of my contents to a house fire on Valentines day 2016. All of my firearms and optics were either ruined or very damaged. My browning safes did very little to protect my extensive collection and furthermore Browning still has not responded to me about their warranty, and that was after 3 e-mails and two phone calls.I sent both of my Trijicon Acogs back to Trijicon to see if they could be salvaged or if they were a total loss. They repaired and returned my scope in less than 30 days for free!You are the only scope I will EVER purchase. Thanks

Karl Waller Garner, North Carolina
Purchased a set of Trijicon HD Night Sights for my M&P 9. During a range session, the front sight came loose. I contacted Trijicon, they replied promptly, providing a work order, number and requesting that I send in both the slide and front sights. Less than two weeks later I received an e-mail from them with a tracking number and a heads up on when my slide was being returned to me. They had replaced the front sight at zero charge. Prompt/excellent/professional. When I get my M&P 45, I'll be installing Trijicon's on it. This is the company you want to buy your sights from. Thanks Trijicon!

DWayne Reeves Texas
Hey Trijicon folks, these Night Sights are FANTASTIC. I am pleased with everything about them. The fit on my Walther PPQ M2 5" .40 S&W is great. I wish I had Trijicon Night Sights on my service weapon during my tours in the Middle East. Keep on keepin' on.

Brad Erickson Helena, Montana
I purchased the Trijicon 3X5 ACOG for my RUGER SR-762. I have seen other knock-off versions at gun shows in MT and they are not the same. Buying brand name, such as TRIJICON, is worth the extra money. I now have a SR-762 that is now a very accurate gun thanks to this sight.

John Fenerty Louisiana
I am beyond impressed and satisfied with your product. I recently purchased a set of HD night sights for a Glock 21 and they outperform any other sights i have used. whether the conditions are extremely bright or pitch back sight alignment is easy to achieve. Thank y'all for making a reliable product that i can trust my life with.

Nelson Stewart Fredericksburg, Virginia
While in the Marine Corps serving in Iraq, I never had the opportunity to use your products. My brother, however, did. Starting on his second tour he was issued one of the ACOG’s. His letters painted a fantastical picture of a “real reach out and touch um optic”. I got my first opportunity to use your ACOG with a police officer friend. Clear as day and it seemed to cut right through some of the low hanging fog. Leopold optics has always been my go to, not anymore.

Stephen Davis Jackson, California
I love my Trijicon Night Sights on my 1911. I live in the Sierras, and it gets pitch black when the sun goes down. There is no light whatsoever, minus the three dots on my 1911. These are fixed not adjustable, but that is fine by me. Here is a video review of it.

watch video

Robert Bridges Anchorage, Alaska
August 16, 2014 - Chose the RMR dual illuminated reflex sight for my Merkel 470 Nitro Express double rifle. Rugged and light weight, this sight does not affect regulation. Traditional iron sights can be problematic from lighting conditions, age of user and absolute need for split second target acquisition at the most stressful time. I choose the RMR and ditched the Leupold Deltapoint expressly because of rock solid aiming and construction. The Leupold red dot wandered when viewed off axis... while the RMR remained glued to the target. RMR makes the double rifle a real killing instrument I can bet my life on.

Kyle Arthur Sanger
December 18, 2013 - I have had three Trijicon scopes to date. Currently, I own two of them. I originally purchased the 3.5x35 ACOG, for my AR15. Later I sold it and bought the 4x32 ACOG-RCO. For the AR15 platform, you can not get a better scope, than the Trijicon ACOG, for your more tactically purposed ARs. I recently purchased an AR10, with hunting specifically in mind. Also, specifically in mind, was only ONE choice for a scope, for my new AR10 and that would be the brand Trijicon. Trijicon is legendary for their line of battle ready scopes(ACOG), so when it came to a scope for hunting, to put on my AR10, I chose to go with Trijicon's 5-20x50 Accupoint scope. As well as, the ACOG performs its designed role, the Accupoint does just as well, but in the area of long distance shooting/hunting. It doesn't matter what scope you are buying from Trijicon, because they are all, top of the line and engineered, to near perfection. The Accupoint and ACOG are both clear, reliable, accurate, tough, and impossible to beat, when it comes to scopes!!! I strongly recommend for all hunters, to try Trijicon's new lines of magnified optics, such as the Accupoint, for hunting and long distance shooting. Trijicon is a unique scope brand and I am sure, in no time, they will be just as well known, for their Accupoint and TARS scopes, as they are for their ACOG, designed for the military. If you are wanting a great scope for hunting or long distance shooting... Trijicon has you covered, with top of the line and highly superior scopes, compared with the competition. Trijicon has impressed me again, with their Accupoint, just as they did with their ACOG. You literally can't get any better, than Trijicon. So, if you are wanting to buy long lasting, high quality optic, the choice is clear... go with Trijicon!!!

Edward O'Keeffe Cameron Park, California
December 20, 2012 - Ihave installed the Trijicon HD sights on my Full size M&P M&P 45 ecause I had seen quite a few on my friends firearms. I have been using Bomar for years on all my firearm for the pin point accuracy. The first time took the M&P out to the range I loaded the fireamr with Winchester Ranger +P+ set it up on a rest and proceeded to cut a 2" hole @25yards even with the large dot and spacing onthe rear sight. The Best This M&P has ever been able to do with bomar type sights is 11/2" @ 25 yards with 185gr Federal match. So do youe self a favor and don't make the mistake I did and have a slide cut for Bomar Sights and then have to purchase a new slide for the trijicon HD sights. I now recomend this sight to all my students for personal protection as well as a day of practise at the range. Trijicon did their home work on this sight. And if you can't see them at night then you need better glasses than I have.

Richard Schuck Tallahassee, Florida
July 9, 2012 - I have been using you products for years in many different location and situations. I used rifle mounted scopes, mostly the accue point. Recently I decided to try an rmr for my Glock it increased my speed and accuracy, more than I thought it would. But the thing that I didn't think about was limited visibility situations. While conducting some training a week ago I ran a drill to demonstrate what was expected (night tm maneuver dismounted drills). At the end was a barricade that required the roll-over prone. My primary ran dry and for some reason I decided to transion to my pistol to see how well the site would work..I fired 15 rounds at 4 targets 10 to 15 meters two were elevate and hit 14 out of 15 of the shots. I was wearing PVS-15s and the dot was clear and crisp. I now recommend to any body who may work in these conditions to look into this, I was extremely impressed with the site, rmr 3.25 MOA. Thanks Rick

Rob Rogers
Thanks guys for all you've done for me. I dropped this 380 lbs. Russian boar with one shot using your TR24-G. You guys go above and beyond, from bagging guys using an ACOG, to going on my first hunt since being wounded, Trijicon always SHINES.

Rob Rogers, USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment

Ben Stoneberg Texas
August 24, 2011 - I recently purchased the accupoint 5-20x50 and this is a bad boy. It def is the best long range scope I've ever possesed. You guys are doing a phenominal job with all types of optics, I also am thoroughly impressed with the reflex and rmr as I utilize all of these products for various conditions. Keep up the good work.

Paul Hayden Charleston, South Carolina
I just recently purchased the ACOG 4x32 TA01NSN and mounted on my M&P15T and all I can say is wow what a great sight. I had it zeroed at 100m in less than 10 shots. Then I shot a 5" steel target with the remaining 10 rounds I had left in the magazine and hit it all 10 times no problem. The optics are just as clear or clearer than any high end scope I have ever owned. It makes me feel good knowing our boys are using this sight over in the sandbox because I know it gives them a great advantage over our enemy's. God Bless The USA!!

Matthew Stevens Grants Pass, Oregon
After reading reviews about the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG), I decided that there was no better optic for any firearm than the one made by Trijicon. Upon looking through my first ACOG (TA31ECOS) I was even more taken with the actual performance. From that moment I knew that the ACOG optic was the only one sufficient for my weapon of choice (Robinson Armament XCR-L). On my primary platform, the performance of the ACOG optic has been flawless. there is no substituting quality when it comes to a piece of equipment this perfect. To depend on a product with your life, either at risk of hostile destruction from another being, or to provide food for the survival of ones' self or their family is the best testimonial that can be given. I trust the ACOG I own and field to do just that.

Jon Copeland
Just wanted to say thanks for making an excellent and TOUGH product. After a match on Saturday, my gun bag zipper died and dropped my AR-15 four feet to the concrete. The impact point was the top of my RX06 reflex sight. Just took it to the range today and it works fine. Didn't even have to adjust the zero. The sight has been going strong for 15+ years even after the latest abuse.
Thanks again, Jon

David Heuring North Carolina
Just wanted to let you know you have another Eotech convert. I took my buddy out for some shooting schooling with my suppressed AR and ACOG TA33R-8. He was going to show me how it was done with his Eotech. After his 15 bull’s-eyes out of 80, to my 80 out of 80 bull’s-eyes, he climbed behind my weapon and shot 80 out of 80 in the 10 ring!!! He took off the Eotech and asked where to get an ACOG and which model I was using. He is purchasing one today!!! We shot yesterday. There is no match for the ACOG, period!

James Falb Chardon, Ohio
I would like to take a moment to thank your company for the quality workmanship and the excellent, caring service that I have received in the time that I have been a loyal Trijicon customer. I purchased two Trijicon Reflex sights last year and have been very satisfied with the performance of the sights and the excellent, caring service received from the Trijicon customer service staff.

I am a Deputy Sheriff / Detective, and for the past three years I have been assigned to two different Task Forces including the FBI's Caribbean Gang Task Force in Cleveland and a Tri-County Sheriff's Narcotics Task Force in the Northeast Ohio area.

In December of last year, one of my Trijicon Reflex sights was damaged when some gun cleaning solvent leaked inside of the sight and damaged the fiber optic material near the front of the sight. Needless to say, I was extremely upset and contacted Trijicon immediately fully expecting to hear the same old line that the company was not responsible and there was nothing that could be done. Much to my pleasant surprise however, the representative that I spoke with instructed me to simply send the sight back to Trijicon and it would be repaired with no additional charge. No questions, no hassles. What a great company!

I simply cannot say enough to express my appreciation to Trijicon and the kind female representative who assisted me. I also want to extend my thanks to Trijicon in its continuing role in making fine sights that are assisting law enforcement and the military all over the world in fighting crime and terrorism. Keep up the good work.

Barry Redding San Jose, California
Gentlemen, I want to say think you for the excellent customer service. My S&W Performance Center revolver, model 640-1, was mailed to you for a replacement front lamp module. I received it one week later, with a new lamp in it. Thank you very much! My revolver came back as good as it was when I sent it (no new dents dings or scratches). You really impressed me with the overnight shipping. Thank you very much again for the great service. You deserve any business I can stir your way.

Best Regards, Barry Redding

M. Sanders Tennessee
Let me express my appreciation to you for making such fine products. I have 6 different weapons equipped with Trijicon sights/optics. In choosing a weapon, I find myself going down the list of criteria that the weapon must meet. Those criteria are ever changing, depending upon the environment in which I will be operating. The one constant on every weapon I use is the manufacturer of the sights on that weapon. That manufacturer has always been Trijicon. I have never had cause to question the quality and workmanship of a Trijicon sight or optic. My life has depended upon my being able to accurately fire my weapon in almost total darkness. Not having to worry about seeing the "dot" is a benefit only appreciated by those of us who have been in a no/low light altercation. Thank you.

Robert Baratta East Haven, Connecticut
I have a Beretta 92 FS Inox I bought in 1993, and had your night sights installed. I sent the slide to you, the slide for the front sight had to be drilled out to insert the green sight, and you did a beautiful job. I get many compliments on the sights. They work perfect in the day and night, I believe they are the best sights on the market, period. I will highly recommend them to anyone, thanks Trijicon!!!

Scott Brown Rindge, New Hampshire
Thank you so much for the info. That was incredibly fast turnaround. Up to this point I have been beyond satisfied with the Trijicon Night Sights. I have seen and used some of the other night sights out there and Trijicon are by far superior. Now, I am equally satisfied with your TRUE customer service. I greatly appreciate your time and effort and I will continue using Trijicon Sights on my current firearms and most definitely future purchases. Sincere Thanks,

Randall Warden Conifer, Colorado
I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for your exceptional products. I am a proud owner of what is my first set of Trijicon night sights (Glock 20, 10mm) Unfortunately, I have tried many different sights in the past, but now I am sold on Trijicon. I hope to enjoy more of your top quality, awesome products. Thanks!

Johny Dolan Tehachapi, California
I was shooting my AR-15 with my ACOG scope on it 18 May 01. I was checking it out and making sure it was on target before my 3-gun series this coming weekend. I fired my weapon at the range of 200 yards. Then unloaded it and walked down range to check out my shooting pattern. After checking out my target I was walking back and a 25 mile hour gust of wind knocked my weapon off the bench. My AR-15 went falling to the ground. The ACOG scope took the main impact. It fell about 4 feet to the ground. So I walked to my up to my rifle and picked it up. Looked at it and it had two little dings on the scope from the concrete, located by the fiber optics. So then, I thought that my lenses would be broke. So I looked threw the scope and they were fine. Then I decided to go ahead and shoot my rifle. As I sent some rounds down range. I found that my scope was right on target at 50, 100, 200 and 250 yards. I have owned my ACOG for 9 months and it is the most outstanding scope I have ever owned. I would highly recommend this scope to all my friends and anyone else.

Kendron Hooker Lansdale, Pennsylvania
I bought a ACOG NSN model used off a doctor. After firing a few rounds it was apparent that something just wasn't right as I could only get a 6 inch group at 100 yards with my new 16 inch fluted Bushmaster flat-top. I sent the scope in and Trijicon replaced the external front sight post, both adjustment knobs, the prism, and the illumination block.

I took the rifle out to the range and within 5 shots with a spotter I was in the bulls-eye. I put up a new target and with Federal American Eagle 55gr shot a 3 shot group that measured 4 thousandths of an inch with my caliper!!!!! All three holes were touching!!!!

It was the most amazing performance out of a 5.56mm rifle I had ever seen. 62gr American Eagle ammo shot 3/4 inch group and Israeli military 62 green tip penetrators shot a 1 inch group.

Thanks Trijicon, that is awesome service and more than that, what an awesome scope.

I would recommend everyone I know who owns an AR15 and uses a scope to go with Trijicon; they have the best service by far and best quality that is unsurpassed.

Mark Thompson Bloomington, Indiana
You make the best scopes in the world. Thank you

Forrest Fleming Jeffersonville, Indiana
Several years ago my son wanted a dot-type scope for his AR-15, but he has one minor problem. He is color blind and cannot see red very well and the Tasco PDPII we had was a complete washout.

The use of the yellow/amber Reflex II aiming device is a God-send. My son sees yellow/amber the same as anyone with normal color vision, and the triangle sighting point is as accurate as cross-hairs when need be and as fast as greased lightning when speed is required.

When it came time for me to want a dot-type scope on my SW-45-PDW, your product was chosen without hesitation. Not only for the yellow dot which allows people such as my son to shoot dot-type scopes, but primarily for me because of the always-on, never needs batteries, visible in any light and tough as nails features that give me 100% confidence in the Reflex sighting system.

We have put many thousands of rounds through my son's AR-15 and have never needed to adjust the Reflex II after the initial sighting-in.

Dr. Bill Thorton Cheswick, Pennsylvania
I am a 57-year-old with bifocals. The reflex sight has put a whole new meaning on shooting for me. With my age, I could see the sights or the target but not both. With the reflex, I can now see both. I am about to buy three more Reflex II units for my other guns.

Patrick Petersen Lake Stevens, Washington
We went out this last weekend to shoot and we all were very impressed with the glass, quality, and ease of use when sighting in. I was really impressed with the TR24G. I appreciate the innovation and quality Trijicon represents and look forward to many future purchases of Trijicon products.

Mike Lucas Denville, New Jersey
I just wanted to let you know that we ahve recently put into use the RMR Red Dot Led (RM01). I have to say, that we are extremely happy with the product and would recommend it to any agency who is looking for another option. The sight is truly well made and was almost "Dead on" out of the box, which by the way took only a couple shots to get dialed in. The weapons are now purely surgical. Confidence with our M4's among the troop is off the scale. Thanks again for your help.

Chris Hansen Farmington, Utah
Product Used: Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 I just wrapped up an amazing big game hunting year and would have never been as successful without my Trijicon Accupoint. From a warm dusty Antelope plain hunt in Wyoming in September with a 253 yard dead hold vital shot kill. To a windy, snowy, cold, high elevation, late October Buck Mule Deer hunt in Utah with a 470 yard solid vital shot kill at 8448 feet elevation. My Trijicon proved itself in all elements and performed to perfection. I experienced no fogging on the glass, the elevation turret tracked perfectly, the green dot (mil-dot reticle) helped with visability, power availability was awesome, and the parallax adjustment gave me glass that was crystal clear, truly a Brilliant Aiming Solution! You always here about Trjicon and how they built to perfection, it is true! I'm ready to order what will now be my 3rd Trijicon scope on top of my ACOG and accupont reviewed today. Thanks Trijicon!

Marilyn Ulfers Allison, Iowa
My husband and I have gone bear hunting in Canada. We have seen your ads on television about the Trijicon products and the 'tour' of your plant where Trijicon products are made and shipped to our service people. We want to say that if Obama gets re-elected in November the guns will be taken away, so will scopes and all the other things that we will need for personal protection. And this doesn't even count the jobs that will be lost if Obama takes away/rules out all guns/protection, etc. This is the time to somehow let this be known to the public while there is still a few precious days left before election. Thank You. Sincerely, Milt and Marilyn Ulfers

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