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Matthew Choate Alaska
I am a Patrol Officer with the Anchorage Police Department. Last week I was involved in a close quarters shoot out with a suspect. My G17 was equipped with Trijicon HD XR night sights. The sights allowed me to rapidly acquire the suspect and place fight stopping hits that kept myself and my fellow officers alive and uninjured. Thank you.

Bryce Koether Minnesota
Dear Trijicon, I'm a drug task force officer in NW Minnesota and was involved in a fatal shooting a few days ago. In the past I've always tried to use an ACOG 3.5 scope on my service rifle but due to my agencies resources, I've had to utilize a non Trijicon red dot sight for the last couple years. Last week (a few days before the shooting incident) I was fortunate enough to be provided with a VCOG 1x-6x scope from my agency. I was unfamiliar with the VCOG at the time I received it, but immediately fell in love with it. The shooting I was involved in was a Deputy taking high power rifle gunfire from a subject a few hundred yards away. I was able to get to about 230 yards away from the suspect and return gunfire to neutralize the threat. There's no doubt in my mind that the VCOG optic on my service rifle at that time was crucial to providing accurate and effective gunfire at that range. I'm writing to give a heartfelt thanks to the men and women who design and manufacture Trijicon produ cts. My experience is a testament to the quality and precision that's built into each of your products that results in lives being saved every day. Please pass my gratitude on to as many in your company as possible. Sincerely, Bryce Koether

Sgt. Dana Coleman Charlestown, Indiana
To Whom it may concern,

I am the commander of the Charlestown Police Special Response Team. I am contacting you to thank you for making the ACOG, we use these on our M4's. These things will take a beating and keep a zero. we use your night sights on our handguns and they never fade over time. thanks, your products allow us to do our job day or night and we rely on them with Confidence.


Sgt. Dana Coleman

Steve Bryant Clynco, Georgia
I have trusted Trijicon's quality for almost 23 years. The U.S. Marshals Service has purchased over seven thousand Glock pistols since early 2000. At my request, the USMS specifically requested them to be equipped with Trijicon brand night sights. Only 100 units did not have your sights due to a very short, tempory out of stock period at the Glock factory. (Regarding the order of 100 units with snother night sight installed, over 75% had to be replaced in under 6 months because of "leaky lamps")

Thank you very much for your valued customer service and support for those of us in the law enforcement profession.

Mike Hargreaves Orlando, Florida
I have been using only your night sights, since your company first sold them, I really like the way the white ring around the green luminous insert has progressed to it's present whiteness as now manufactured.

I taught people who carry hand guns to defend themselves with them for 23 years, I am now retired (Well mostly!) a little trivia, at the recent Florida State IPSC I came 3 third in Unlimited Production, not bad for an old guy, 70 YOA in October, one of the stages called for a 45 yard sot on an IPSC target, with the sides blocked off (hard cover) this gave the shooter a 6" wide, yard long target, using your night sights I fired a 3 to 3.5 inch group of 4 rounds, from a two hand standing position, dead center of the chest area, two of these rounds almost touched.

The young chap patching the target could not believe it (kind of hard for me to believe it!) he asked every one around to look, including my buddy from Orlando City Police.

The rounds were Atlanta Arms 147g reloads, they are suppliers to the Glock Team, I shoot a Glock 17 in 9mm.

Keep Safe,
Mike Hargreaves

Jim O'Hern New Orleans, Louisiana
First, let me say how happy I was we had Trijicon scopes on all our weapons during the storm [Hurricane Katrina]. When all your spare batteries are under four feet of water it was one thing I did not have to sweat. We were also operating in what could only be described as a "maritime" environment. Scopes were submerged in highly corrosive water every day and not one failed due to this. Not one of your scopes failed at all during this operation. I had a plenty to think and worry about so not having to worry about your product was a great relief.

Jim O'Hern
Team Armour NOPD SWAT
New Orleans, LA

Mike Jenskins Turlock, California
September 21, 2010 - The ACOG sight is used on entry weapons for our department's SWAT Team. I have used it for several years now and have found it to be the best sight I have ever used. Speed and accuracy are instantly improved once our shooters use the sight.

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