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Dennis Sprick Michigan
I just purchased an AccuPoint 1-6x24 and had it mounted on a Blaser chambered in .375 H&H. I have yet to fire the rifle but plan on using for dangerous game, and I simply love the clarity, eye relief, and that post with the red triangle is simply perfect!! I have had many other high-end optics in the past, but am now so impressed with your product I would like to say kudos to your company for producing such a wonderful product!

Lanny Barnes Colorado
After a year of throwing my rifle in dump barrels and running down trails with it slung on my back during 3-gun matches I am happy to say the Trijicon AccuPoint held up amazingly well and didn't lose its zero once. This optic has ran well for me in all different kinds of matches from long range to super-fast short range shooting. Its quick lever helps me change the power on the move if I need to transition from close to far or far to close. Plus, it has a battery-free illuminated reticle that not only allows me to see the reticle in almost any light, but you don't have to worry about a battery dying on you during a stage.

Chris Hansen Farmington, Utah
October 30, 2012 - Product Used: Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50
I just wrapped up an amazing big game hunting year and would have never been as successful without my Trijicon Accupoint. From a warm dusty Antelope plain hunt in wyoming in September with a 253 yard dead hold vital shot kill to a windy, snowy, cold, high elevation mule deer buck hunt with a 470 yard solid vital shot kill at 8448 feet elevation. My Trijicon proved itself in all elements and performed to perfection. I experienced no fogging on the glass, the elevation turret tracked perfectly, the green mildot helped with visability, power availability was awesome, and last but least the glass was crystal clear.

Ben Stoneberg Texas
August 24, 2011 - I recently purchased the accupoint 5-20x50 and this is a bad boy. It def is the best long range scope I've ever possesed. You guys are doing a phenominal job with all types of optics, I also am thoroughly impressed with the reflex and rmr as I utilize all of these products for various conditions. Keep up the good work.

Charles Coker Austin, Texas
I flat out think the Trijicon Accupoint series of scopes are the best on the market for a hunting scope. I have had higher priced Euro scopes that may ever, ever, ever so slightly have better glass, but the Trijocon is a step up from good Leupolds, Nikon Monarchs, Bushnell 4200s, etc. and the illuminated reticle system is the best on the planet. No batteries, no switches to fail. The dot for night time use is "just" bright enough to put the bulllet where it needs to go and nothing more. Too many illuminated reticle scopes are too bright even at their lowest setting and actually obscure the target and or make your iris contract hurting your night vision. Some people think the AccuPoints, especially the crosshair model with the small dot (my preference) are not bright enough. In actual field use it's perfect. Self regulating brightness, perfect for bright sunshine, low light and even into night for hog / varmint hunting. I have had the triangle versions and the crosshair/dot versions in red, amber and green (dot only). My preference is the crosshair with a green dot. Every person who looks through my scope is instantly impressed with the glass clarity. The scope holds zero and I have never had a single issue with any of the Triijicon products I have owned incuding several ACOGS and AccuPoints. Mine is on my #1 rifle, a Wilson Combat 6.8 SPC, it's a hog killa!

Charles Coker - Tactical Gun Review

Thomas Smiley
Here are pictures of a ten point buck I shot at the Forest of Antlers Whitetail Hunting Lodge located in northern Wisconsin and the Trijicon scoped rifle I used. The model (TR21G) was a recent acquisition and was taken on this hunt to gain practical shooting experience. The deer which walked out of the woods at dusk (the conditions closely resembled those in your Whitetail Journal advertisement) and browsed for a period of time before offering a clean shot. The shot which was taken at the very last light of legal shooting hour was considered solely based upon my optics and the clarity of Trijicon's illuminated reticle. Once the green diamond was placed on the deer, there was no doubt I was going to take the shot. The contrast was unbelievable!

The Trijicon scope is like no other I've used in the past and will now be my main source of hunting optics.

Sincerely, Thomas E. Smiley

Billy Bomba, Jr. New York
I am an avid nighttime varmint hunter of coyotes, bobcats, and foxes. I live in New York so I am able to mount a red-light to my .204 caliber rifle, I use the nightforce red force light. Last year I missed a coyote at 50 yards with my red light on him because I could not see the center of the crosshair, after that I got frustrated with cheap scopes.

I heard about the Trijicon AccuPoint scopes, reviewed it and was very impressed. I chose to buy the 3-9x40 AccuPoint with the amber triangle. I didn't want the red because I felt when I shined the red beam at the varmint it would blend in red to red and would not see the red triangle, so I went for the amber. I did some practice at night with two round reflective circles to resemble a coyote. When I lit it up at 100 yards with my red lightforce, it was unbelievable, the triangle was bright green and crystal clear, this is by far the best best scope for day and night hunting, I feel it is better then the very expensive German scopes, for $600 it is well worth it for me this varmint season, if I miss it's me, no way it will be the scope and also everything is nice and basic on the scope.

By far Trijicon scopes are the best in the world, fantastic scope, the best.

Kyle Bowden
"I would just like to say how pleased I have been with my AccuPoint TR21R.

Though I know it is listed as a hunting optic, it has served me extremely well as a tactical scope on my issue M16. While quite a few guys have the issue ACOG, I wanted a variable-power optic, and the reticule on the Accupoint really caught my eye. Now that I have an issue M14 as well, the first scope that came to mind was the 2.5-10x TR22R. I'm really looking forward to it fitting in my budget and trying it out at an 800 meter machine gun range. Thanks for all of your support of all us over here and the great products your company has provided.

Colorado Buck Colorado
During my recent trip to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, I was able to expose the AccuPoint to that environment; get on camera comments from Professional Outfitters and hunters from this area; and make on camera introductions as to performance of the scope in this rugged and harsh climate, we hunted at over 12,500 ft. and 20 below zero not to mention the traveling 5 countries, baggage and airline handling and still performed flawlessly. Sincerely, Colorado Buck

Corey Graff Appleton, Wisconsin
The AccuPoint scopes' superior reticle design really performs its best while hunting. For 2001, I shot three whitetail deer using the AccuPoint. I found target acquisition was fast--or faster-- than all other scopes I've used. That trait proved beneficial in scoping herds of deer where shot timing was short and critical.

While sighting in, the scope tracked perfect and was very responsive. Running the scope up and down its variable power range, point-of-impact remained the same.

Peering through that tube--the eye affixes naturally to the triangle reticle at the same time the triangle's point centers on the kill zone. This scope is fast and precise. When combined with an accurate rifle, the system is deadly on game.

Steve Gruber Perry, Michigan
Dear Trijicon,

Thank you for building such an excellent product. Your Accu-point is unlike anything I've ever used and I must tell you I'm impressed. Last fall when this 170 inch whitetail appeared along Montana's Yellowstone River bottom the Accu-point was perfect!

Steve Gruber
Wolf Creek www.wolfcreekinc.com

Patrick King Lanesboro, Massachusetts
I was supposed to get in touch with you some time ago because of a conversation I had with Steve Twining about your product, the Trijicon TR20 scope with the orange post.

I was telling Steve that I have hunted with this scope since it has been on the market, probably about 7 or 8 years now. I have promoted this scope in my store for that amount of time also because I believed then that this was the best scope a hunter can buy and I still believe that today. I have not been able to find anything that compares to your scope.

I have been on several hunting trips with this scope on my rifle and have been able to shoot game that I know I would have never have even had time to look for crosshairs in another type of scope.

At Steve's suggestion, I am enclosing a photo of a deer I shot on a whitetail hunt in Maine in 2003 which made me eligible for Maine's biggest Whitetail Club. That deer dressed out at a weight of 231 lbs. In that picture you can see your Trijicon scope on my Custom Shop Remington Model 7 in Cal. 350 Remington Mag. (picture soon to be posted) Steve was telling me about your new product, the 3.5-10 with 30mm tube. I asked him if I might be able to receive a demo scope and would appreciate it if that might be possible.

I told Steve that your scopes are the only new scopes we carry in stock and we have sold a lot of them. It is easy to sell a product that you believe in and that people can look at and see the tremendous difference from anything else on the market.

I have been a gun shop owner dealing exclusively in guns and gun related accessories for 28 years. Not too much comes along in this industry these days that excites and impresses me like the Trijicon TR20 scope did when it came out.

Keep up the good work.

Patrick C. King
Pat's Gun Shop

Dwight Moser Jefferson, Maryland
Dear Trijicon:

I just returned from a very successful safari in Tanzania with Zuka Safaris. I purchased a TR21R at the 2007 SCI show. Mr. Waterman assured me it would take the recoil of my 378 Weatherby. After an easy sight in, I ran several rounds and it never lost zero. I was very pleased with its performance in the field. On a hyaena hunt just at dark my P.H. Richard Brebner was so impressed with the scope, he would like all of his Leopard clients used Trijicon products.

I was able to take Leopard, 2 Buaaflo, Sable, Duiker, hartebeest, and reedbuck. I'll stop by you rbooth at this years SCI show for a chat with your representiatives.

Huntingly Yours:

Dwight Moser

Heath Painter New Mexico
... A 130 yard shot with the TC Muzzleloader took the bull down. I'm in love with the new crosshair on the Trijicons!! Great Job!

Thanks for all,

Heath Painter
Sportsmen of North America TV Show

William Perine Warwick, New York
I just got home from a wild boar hunt in Vermont. I hunted with a Marlin 450 CAL. topped with the TR-21. I can not begin to tell you how pleased I was with this scope, it is everything you say in your ads and more. I was in bright sunlight and the boar went up the side of a hill that was all wooded. The scope not only let me follow the boar up the hill easily by keeping both eyes open, but let me zero in on the boars vitals instantly as it stopped on the hill for a few seconds making it a one shot kill. My hunting partner had a similar shot with a scope costing twice as much and had a very difficult time trying to place his shot(black crosshairs on a black boar on a dark background). Thank you for making a great and easy to use scope, you have a customer for life.

Patrick Petersen Lake Stevens, Washington
We went out this last weekend to shoot and we all were very impressed with the glass, quality, and ease of use when sighting in. I was really impressed with the TR24G. I appreciate the innovation and quality Trijicon represents and look forward to many future purchases of Trijicon products.

Richard Sanders Prescott, Wisconsin
Returned from Africa Saturday afternoon. Hunted in the Kwa Zula Natal Province of Eastern South Africa first in quest of a good Nyala to complete my spiral horn collection. Made a 290 yard one shot kill across a valley after sitting in the sun sweating for 2.5 hours. Finaly he showed his vitals as he stepped out from behind a bush. The combination of the Accupoint Scope and my trusty 17-year-old .300 Jarrett loaded with 200 grain Trophy Bonded Bearclaws provided all the confidence I needed to make a clean one shot kill on the animal. Gold medal nonetheless! A couple days later I took a high top Black Wildebeest at 250 yards. Once again...one shot. Toward the end of the my South African safari, beings we were not seeing the holy grail of Kudu, (a 60" model), I shot a Red Hartebeest at 220 yards, walking. All of the above were ranged by a laser by my PH, so I know the distances. I then traveled to Namibia for a 14 day leopard hunt and a couple other animals. As it turned out, Mr. Spots did not cooperate so did not score on the leopard. I did take a huge old Hartmann's Mountain Zebra and what we think is a top 10 Steenbok in Namibia however. Plus a Hartebeest and Oryx meat bull for "staff meat". End result, I made seven one shot kills on big game.

The 2.5x10 Accupoint Scope was outstanding in every way. Accurate, rugged, bright, clear. My PH's could not believe the accuracy and effectiveness of my shooting. As I told them...I attribute it to doing my homework, selecting the best gear, the best bullets, the best rifle and the best optics...and then practicing shooting off hand, from sticks and from a rest. It paid off.

Theodore Siouris New York, New York
I am pleased to report that during my hunt in Romania, I shot a beautiful trophy chamois with one shot delivered with the help of your AccuPoint riflescope.

The chamois I shot was approximately 300 meters ahead and above me in the cliffs. When I raised my rifle the bright amber triangle that constitutes the aiming point in the AccuPoint quickly found the target. It seems to do so automatically under any light conditions. Holding a moving target seems easier than with conventional reticles.

The Trijicon AccuPoint is as simple to mount, adjust and work with as any of the top quality scopes on the market.

Joseph A. Tormala Chassell, Michigan
September 21, 2010 - Dear Freedom Safari Sponsor,

Mere words can hardly express my gratitude for the Trijicon AccuPoint Amber 3-9x40mm riflescope you provided to me to make my Freedom Safari possible. The trip to Botswana was the greatest experience of my life and would not have been possible without your generous support. Your scope was vital for my success in the safari and I'll remain eternally in your debt for your heartfelt support.

I found hunting in Botswana very challenging and I am happy to report I harvested some fine animals to include a Warthog (30 yards), Blue Wildebeest (100 yards), Zebra (90 yards), Kudu (21 yards) and a couple of Impalas (120 & 50 yards). All of which were taken using your exceptional AccuPoint riflescope. You truly helped me achieve a hunter's dream come true. To hunt the free ranging, fair chase, plains game of Africa and to honor the memory of two dear friends!

Your AccuPoint scope performed flawlessly and maintained zero in the most arduous travel conditions possible and while mounted on .300 Remington Ultra Magnum receiver. It was a dream to acquire instant shot placement in various light conditions and with the various foliage encountered in Africa. The AccuPoint ensured certain success and proved to be a fatal combination on my Remington Model 700 APR. I've found a trusted name in Trijicon as a career Marine and Soldier and now as an international hunter in Africa, I can think of no other riflescope I'd trust my life on.

Thank you for what you do in promoting hunting and the great outdoors and for your major role in making the 'Freedom Safari' possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Joseph A. Tormala, SSGT, USMC/USA (ret.)
'Joe Hunter'
SCI Freedom Safari 2006

Chris Hansen Farmington, Utah
Product Used: Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50 I just wrapped up an amazing big game hunting year and would have never been as successful without my Trijicon Accupoint. From a warm dusty Antelope plain hunt in Wyoming in September with a 253 yard dead hold vital shot kill. To a windy, snowy, cold, high elevation, late October Buck Mule Deer hunt in Utah with a 470 yard solid vital shot kill at 8448 feet elevation. My Trijicon proved itself in all elements and performed to perfection. I experienced no fogging on the glass, the elevation turret tracked perfectly, the green dot (mil-dot reticle) helped with visability, power availability was awesome, and the parallax adjustment gave me glass that was crystal clear, truly a Brilliant Aiming Solution! You always here about Trjicon and how they built to perfection, it is true! I'm ready to order what will now be my 3rd Trijicon scope on top of my ACOG and accupont reviewed today. Thanks Trijicon!

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