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Trijicon Pro Staff


The Cerino Family


With a combined 20-plus years experience in tactical consulting and competitive shooting, the Cerinos are renowned trainers and competitors. Michelle and Chris manage a prominent training company, Cerino Consulting & Training Group, and are regularly featured in top-rated industry television shows and prominent tactical publications. Their son, Colton, began shooting competitively at the young age of 12. A firearms educator, Eagle Scout and student at the University of Akron, Colton regularly competes in national and international shooting competitions.

Chris, Michelle and Colton will serve as leading ambassadors for Trijicon’s 2016 elite Pro-Staff, educating the firearms community about the brand’s leading Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ for the consumer, military and law enforcement markets. Additionally, the Cerinos will represent Trijicon in marketing efforts and trade show appearances.

The Cernios will be featuring Trijicon optics in their shooting competitions and training schools throughout the 2016 season.

    Trijicon Optics: Iron Sights, MRO®, TrijiDot®, VCOG®

Julie Golob


Highly accomplished U.S. Army Veteran, national and world shooting champion and avid outdoorswoman. With over 120 championship titles in seven different disciplines, Julie Golob is one of the most skilled and dominant competition shooters in the world. Noteworthy titles include 13-time USPSA Ladies National Champion, 7-time Ladies World Speed Shooting Champion, 4-time IDPA Ladies National Champion, the first Triple Crown USPSA Ladies National Champion and 3-time NRA Bianchi Cup Ladies Champion. In addition to her impressive shooting record, Julie is a proud U.S. Army Veteran, prominent author, avid hunter, firearms instructor and industry ambassador.

Serving as the lead ambassador for Trijicon’s growing roster of elite competition shooters, Julie will assist in educating the firearms community about the brand’s leading Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ for the consumer, military and law enforcement markets. Julie will be exclusively shooting Trijicon optics in competitions and on hunts this year, and will appear in a number of marketing activities for the brand.

    Trijicon Optics: Iron Sights, MRO®, RMR®

Lanny Barnes


Three-time Olympian in the sport of Biathlon, Lanny & her twin sister Tracy competed in several Olympics together before both girls made history and inspired the world when Tracy selflessly gave Lanny her spot on the Sochi, Russia 2014 Olympic team after Lanny fell ill. Tracy was given the United Nations UNESCO International Fair Play award and the US Olympic Committee Inspiration Award for her selfless act and for demonstrating true Olympic Spirit. Tracy was crowned best Biathlon shooter in the World at the famous Biathlon World Team Challenge in the Schalke Soccer Stadium in Germany in March 2011 after a competition in front of 52,000 spectators and both were the first women in the US to ever medal at a international Biathlon Championships.

Both girls grew up shooting small-bore competitions as well as hunting and fishing in Colorado. They claim that biathlon has made them better hunters and hunting has made them better biathletes and shooters as they are able to accurately shoot a rifle with a heart rate of 180 beats per minute and effortlessly pursue elk above 10,000ft. The twins now compete in 3-gun, making the 3 Gun Pro Series. They also teach courses to military, law enforcement and competitive shooters on how to shoot with an elevated heart rate and under stress. The firearms training institute they started together is called T.O.P. Shooting Institute, otherwise known as “The Olympian Project”. Tracy and Lanny also spend a majority of their free time traveling around to schools, 4-H clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Boys & Girls Scouts, etc. talking to kids about following their dreams, setting goals, and leading a healthy active lifestyle. Check out their websites- www.twinbiathletes.com and www.topshootinginstitute.com.

    Trijicon Optics: AccuPoint®, HD™ Binoculars, Iron Sights

Jay Carillo


Jay started competition shooting in 2010, shooting bowling pin matches. That was followed by competing in IDPA and USPSA. It wasn’t long after that (2012) that he started competing in 3-gun matches. 3-gun is now his main focus with USPSA supplementing pistol practice.

Some of his shooting career accomplishments are:

2013 Missouri Multi-gun Championship Tac Iron Division 1st place
2013 Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championships 4th place
2014 Superstition Mountain 15th place with first major match stage win
2014 Indiana Multi-gun series Tac Ops 2nd place before final shoot off
2014 Missouri Multi-gun Championship Tac Iron Division 1st place
2015 3 Gun Nation Western Regional 22nd place Tac Ops
2015 Missouri 3 Gun Championship 15th place
2015 Texas Xtreme Bullets Championships 9th place Tac Ops
2015 MN Shotgun Championship 7th place
2015 3-Gun Nation Eastern Regional 16th place Tac Ops
2015 Benelli Shotgun Match 8th place
2015 Benelli 3-Gun ProAm 14th place Tac Ops
2015 Generation 3 Gun 2nd place Heavy Optics
2015 Michigan Multi-gun 1st place Heavy Optics

Multiple 1st place finishes in Tac Ops division at local matches and at Indiana Multi-gun series matches.

    Trijicon Optics: RMR®, VCOG®

Nick Ingmire


Nick started hunting fowl with his father when he was young. That was the extent of his shooting knowledge until 4 years ago. Nick and his wife moved to Sidney, Nebraska from Omaha, Nebraska. Moving from a big city to a small town, there didn't seem to be much to do, so he picked up a Sig-556 from a buddy and went out to an AR competition at a local range. He was hooked and started researching matches and came across 3-gun. He knew then that this was the sport for him and has been shooting ever since.

Currently Nick shoots in all types of matches, from 3-gun to USPSA, GSSF, Steel Challenge, Skeet at the local range, and Precision Rifle Series matches.

Nick also hosts local Introduction to 3-Gun seminars, where he teaches rules, safety, concepts of shooting matches, and gear selection. These seminars are taught in-store for Cabela's. He also performs product testing, demos, and videos for Cabela's.

    Trijicon Optics: AccuPoint®, AccuPower®, RMR®

Matt Koopikka


Matt started in competitive shooting sports in 2011 with a casual IDPA match. IDPA taught him the ropes and expectations of shooting sports, but as he progressed he sought harder and more dynamic competitions. He moved on to USPSA in 2012 and was introduced to 3-gun late in the same season. In 2013 Matt started to train in all aspects of the sport, from knowing the rules to adjusting his personal fitness routine to match the skills necessary to win. After one season he went from being a complete rookie to finishing 4th at the Michigan Multi-Gun Championship in 2013.

Matt used the 2013 offseason to build new skills, with the intent of tackling the 3-gun circuit at a national level. He attended multiple national level events each with progressively better finishes. He was also able to take 1st place in Tac Optics at the Michigan Multigun Championship 2014.

He knew of the televised 3-Gun Nation Pro Series, and made it his goal to make it there. In 2015, he was invited to the Pro Series Qualifier with a chance to secure a spot on the Pro Series. After a shotgun malfunction all but knocked him out on the first stage of the qualifier, he was able to land 4 strong stages in a row, finishing 13th overall and earning himself a position in the 2015 3-Gun Nation Pro series.

2015 was the year he finally was able to make an impact at the national level. Although he was the last seed in his pro series match, and least likely to win, he was able to overcome the pressure and finish 3rd in the match. Matt was also able to net 3 top 10 finishes nationally, including 9th in tac optics at 3-Gun Nation Nationals against a strong field of competitors. In 2016 Matt plans on continuing his role as a mentor to new shooters, match director, and competing at the pro and national level.

    Trijicon Optics: AccuPoint®, RMR®

Nick Molina


Nick started shooting both recreationally and IDPA in 2012. He transitioned over to USPSA and 3-gun in the 2013 season with a main focus on 3-gun. That year was when he knew that he wanted to advance his shooting to the next level. Nick used the season to prepare himself to start shooting major matches in 2014. He shot at 4 majors that year and it solidified his involvement in 3-gun.

When 2015 came around, Nick set a goal to qualify for the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series. He attended the qualifier match in February but ended up being a reserve shooter for the 2015 season due to a pistol jam that cost him almost 10 positions. Nick continued the rest of the year as normal and assumed the responsibility of helping to run the 3-gun program at Livingston Gun Club in Brighton, Michigan. Hosting monthly matches and traveling to 6 majors made it the busiest and most rewarding season of his career.

At the end of 2015, Nick received a call from the President of 3-Gun Nation asking him to join the Pro Series. He had two weeks to prepare for the match mentally and physically. Being the rookie in a field of highly skilled shooters was extremely nerve racking, but it gave Nick an edge and he slid under the radar. Nick finished 3rd in his match, the last Pro Series match of the season and ended up unofficially 5th overall for the season due to the competition format. This guaranteed his involvement in the 2016 Pro Series and increased his training to push himself to the next level.

    Trijicon Optics: AccuPoint®, AccuPower®, MRO®

Chip Montgomery


Chip's interest in shooting sports began at an early age with hunting. He has hunted in many different states and several countries. He continues to hunt and thoroughly enjoys it. In college he took interest in learning the defensive use of handgun and urban carbine. Through the years he has taken many professional courses to further his skills. In an effort to continue developing his shooting skill, Chip got involved in competitive action shooting. In 2007 he started with USPSA and followed that with 3-gun. Currently Chip works as a part time firearms instructor and RSO at an indoor gun range. He also serve as the Match Director for the Michigan Multi-Gun Program at the Livingston Gun Club.

Match Director Michigan Multi-Gun: 2011 to current

2013 Blue Ridge Mountain National Championship: 3rd place open
2014 Task Force Dagger National Championships: 2nd place open
2014 Blue Ridge Mountain National Championship: 5th place open
2014 3 Gun Nation Midwest Regional Championship: 4th place open
2015 Blue Ridge Mountain National Championship: 2nd place open
2015 Tarheel National Championship: 6th place open
2015 FNH National Championship: 7th place open

    Trijicon Optics: RMR®

Mark Roth


Mark is the founder of RCI-XRAIL Systems and has been competiting in professional 3-gun since 2007.

Shooting Accomplishments:
2014 1st place Open and Overall winner- Benelli Tactical Shotgun Championship
2013 and 2014 1st place Open and Overall winner-Nordic Components Shotgun Championships
2013 2nd Open division Task Force Dagger 3-gun Championship
Consistently in the top 5 and top 10  in all national 3-gun matches and shotgun matches since 2012
Average schedule since 2011 has been shooting 12 to 15 Major Matches including 3-gun Nation Regional Series and the most popular Outlaw 3-gun Matches throughout the US

Industry Accomplishments:
Developer of the XRAIL High Capacity Magazine System.
Innovator of the QUAD Port Vacuum loading System for most competition shotgun platforms using our Captured Follower System technology.
RCI Performance Shop and XRAIL Systems have been at the forefront of shotgun innovation since 2008.

    Trijicon Optics: AccuPoint®, RMR®

John Spreitzer


John grew up in Troy, Michigan. He spent summers on his grandparent’s farm where he spent countless hours teaching himself how to shoot. Since then he has spent many hours helping train friends and anyone that is interested in shooting firearms, including working with the local boy scouts on firearm safety.

In early 2009 John began participating in local 3-gun and USPSA competitions and instantly fell in love with the shooting sports. Almost immediately he became a local contender in the Detroit metro area and soon started to travel to 3-gun matches around the country. He was a Co-match director at Livingston Gun Club and helped build Michigan multigun into the largest 3 gun match in Michigan.

In 2011-2013 John attended over 80 local and national level matches finishing as a top level shooter in nearly every event he attended. He was invited to the 3GN pro-series qualifier in February of 2014 and was kept out of the running by mere seconds due to a small penalty. He vowed to make it into the series in 2015, but an accident at the 2014 FNH Championship shattered his ankle and took him out of shooting for the season. He spent 2015 rehabilitating his leg and getting ready for 2016. John has vowed to make the 2016 season his best yet and will continue to improve his shooting and help be an ambassador to the shooting sports.

    Trijicon Optics: AccuPoint®
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